Mad Men And The Girl Child 3


I don’t know what you call love, but how do you show what you call love to your daughter?
Most parents love their child/ren, whether male or female.
Some don’t even love God, some don’t love their spouse but they love their child.
The problem is how do you convey the message? How do you make her understand that you love her?

If you love your daughter, you will correct, discipline or rebuke her when she is wrong.
That you love her does not mean that you will give her everything that she asks for, whether it is right or wrong for her to have it at that that time. It does not mean that you will not allow her to learn lessons about life. You need to also allow her to grow. But why will your daughter misinterpret discipline as lack of love?

Tell her that you love her from time to time. Women are moved by what they hear, your daughter is a woman in the making, tell her!!!

Try statements like… I love you so much please go to school and make me proud.
I love you so much and I want you to be a good girl and so on.

I love my mother like kilode! Some of my generation still love their mother not minding the beatings and pounding but children of this generation eh!

A pregnant teenager was busy packing her bag to move in with the man who got her pregnant. Her parents was heartbroken, depressed and very angry with her, they are rich, disciplinarians and holding religious titles. The young girl later told the school counselor that her parents never loved her. That they only loved themselves. That they provided everything for her but not love. That her boyfriend is the only person that told her and keeps telling her the three magic words ‘I love you’

I am not supporting the teenagers’ action, she shunned all the love and sacrifices made by her parents to raise her, a whole lot of things went wrong in her case, but what I want to let you know is that the girl child just like everywoman wants you to express the love you have for them.

If you love your daughter please tell her. Before one ‘mad man’ will deceive her.
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