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Favour was discharged on Thursday 18th June. Before she left the hospital, we were called to come and take up the case of another teenager with a tender baby without help. My response was that they should give me time to finish with the case on ground before I will come for her.
Yesterday, I was at the same hospital because of another teenage girl who was also pregnant and no hope.
The funny part of the whole story is that the man or boy in all these cases are not anywhere in the picture.

A young girl (Comfort) called in on wazobia fm yesterday Friday 26th June in the evening while I was driving home. She was sounding like a 5 years old girl; she said that she needs help, that her baby is with her sister, while she hustles to see if she can get money to feed her baby. Meanwhile no accommodation and when Ratata asked her who husband is where is he? She said that the man left them one morning. But when they probed further, it was clear that the man involved is just a baby papa full stop.

Please start drumming it into the ears of your daughter as early as possible that she is on her own as far as sex outside marriage is concerned. No matter what he promised her, she is not married until she is married.

A whole lot of teenagers especially from poor homes are putting their selves and families into trouble. Many of them were deceived, some are materialistic, greedy and some are just unreasonable.
Many got pregnant and aborted it. I feel so bad when I visited one secondary school and discovered during question and answer session 2 students that have aborted pregnancies while still in secondary school. They just wrote it and drop asking me the way forward.

They decided to seek counsel but many of them are not saying anything.

While we fight the rapists, please let the girl child not entangle herself with teenage pregnancy and start carrying a baby up and down when she should be in school building her future.

The offer is still valid. For everyone that buys this book between now and 30th of this month, I have a gift worth #1,000 to give to your daughter.

If you want to support the girl child call me. 07036383441.


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