You were made for this

But Chioma, “you were made for this”

This was exactly what dropped in my mind about 5years ago as I lifted my birthday cake in church.

Being human, once in a while, I ask my self questions like why are you doing this? Sometimes I wonder how I got here, why did I not see the world? Enjoy the world before family, why did I get married just like that?

But I laughed. It dawned on me that God knows the ending even from the beginning. He knows that I have an important assignment to do with energy, He planned it out.

I know a lot of people especially women who are asking the same question about their lives. If you are one of us, quit complaining and start living. You can never be happy with your self, family or whatever you are doing if you don’t remove your self from this bondage.

If you have not reconciled with your maker please do the needful and completely trust Him and see what a beautiful life you will have.

The funniest part of it is that your joy is not dependent on any other person or thing but on you!

I have chosen to face this assignment squarely, I will give it what ever it takes.

What matters is that I am touching lives.

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