THE BOOK MAD MEN AND THE GIRL CHILD. Image placeholder In 2018, precisely April 22nd, I was on the move on ‘save the girl child project’, I remembered speaking at a conference at Yaba. It was a gathering of young girls and women from all over Lagos State. It was the last day of the conference, at the end of my teaching and responding to their questions, their leaders and some of them that testified said that this is the best teaching that they had throughout the conference. What happened, why was it so? I was with God and the Holy Spirit inspired me to speak. It did not end there; I continued to move from school to school, communities, churches and other places to meet with the girl child. I have even spoken to many parents in different forums just for the sake of the girl child. I came with a message to discourage the girl child from self-destructive habits, I advised them to stop pre-marital sex, lesbianism, indecent dressing, improper use of time, materialism, drug abuse, I advised them to run away from care less life style and everything that will ruin their life include negative peer pressure and bad friends I encouraged them to have a dream, paint the future they want to feature in, be focused, diligent, work hard and above all have the fear of God. I prayed for them to succeed and fulfill purpose. Their response was amazing! They want to succeed but are surrounded by mad men! Eeeeh, mad men everywhere, from rapists to child marriage advocates, mad fathers, mad uncles whether real or fake! Mad teachers, sugar boys, sugar daddies, even cold rooms! imagine. They told me that they are being bombarded from every side. At home, street, church, market and so on. The girl child is not safe anywhere. They told me what they couldn’t tell their mothers or their fathers and the dirty secrets that they don’t know who to confide with. Without disclosing their names or their classes, I asked them to write it on paper and send to me. I read it and we discussed it. One by one I answered their questions and get their responses. Many was bold enough to come for personal counseling, they told me more. Ladies and gentlemen, I have visited over twenty (20) secondary schools, plenty churches and camps to speak to the girl child. I have spoken to thousands, answered hundreds of questions and counseled dozens of young girls. Have you seen that I am the most qualified person to write this book? Have you seen why you have to get this book? Have you seen that you are missing something if you don’t have these documented lessons? I did not just write about them, I proffered solutions to these problems. Eg, I discussed everything about rape and what you can do to protect your daughter from rapists, even for girls and babies. How to guide your daughter at least to do the ones that is humanly possible and also what to do in case it happens. I also exposed child marriage advocates and the dangers associated with it. In fact a medical doctor contributed to the chapter and highlighted the medical aspect of the dangers associated with child marriage and teenage pregnancy I opened your eyes to how you will ruin the life of your daughter through child marriage if you allow that. If you are a father, after reading this book, you will include it in your will that on no account should your tender daughter be given out as a bride whether you are alive or dead. The other chapters expose other mad men including these cold rooms everywhere (sex for grades) The part two of the book is a timely and rich lesson for the girl child. It is a gift from me to her. Selling this book for two thousand naira is because I want it to be affordable to all, besides i understand that the knowledge in this book cannot be measured in naira and kobo. Get some copies today, pay for delivery, it will get to you. NGN2000, delivery fee exclusive! BUY NOW